Day 3- Part 4 Camping

Our next adventure was the campsite.  We arrived at Con Ch Bcholay Che with skepticism .  With camping comes bugs, dirt and no modern day luxuries that I have grown accustomed to.  BUT when a mother loves her little boy… she will endure just about anything.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a flushing toilet,  electricity to charge are computers, and a shower (cold but better than jumping into the freezing cold river).

They made us a dinner that Tyler did not recognize and I could not argue with a birthday boy so we let him go straight to birthday cake.

We were  checking things out when John told me to look up . 2000 feet in the air hanging between two  mountain peaks were the zip lines.  These were the ones we were supposed to go on in the morning.  Now I started wondering if this a test of my sanity . The travel brochure failed to mention that the zip line course was the highest and fastest in south America.  Of course the kids were pumped and ready to go.

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