Day 6

Today was the day we have been waiting for… Matchu Pitchu ( The seven wonders of the world) .  The bus from the hotel is again on twisting dirt roads but now I am starting to feel comfortable on these roads.  A few steps later we were in the clouds staring down at one of the Inca Empire. The Inca estate was built in  the 1400’s. The Incas believed that their ruler was direct descendants of the sun god.  They believed in many gods of nature, weather, and planets.  Every mountaintop was a god.  Each month the Incas held a huge a public religious ceremony honoring one of their gods offering sacrifices in hopes that they would be protected.  The Spanish eventually found their remote city and  conquered the Incan civilization in 1531 .

We took a 2 hour train ride back to Cusco and was the most amazing trains I have ever experienced.  Not only the scenery was beautiful along the river and mountain ranges they kept us entertained  with a fashion show and  dancing.

Although,  my fears of driving over a bridge made of 2 x 6 wooden planks was justified when I looked  out the window to see  a van crossing a bridge plunge into the river below.  Maybe my praying to the Gods was helpful and the Incas know something we should consider.

2 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. Cherie, You are a good Mother and truly a warrior. You are so brave! Loved the photos and being able to see what you guys experienced. May Tyler have every Birthday as fantastic as his 11th. Love you,

  2. What a wonderful experience you had, it was amazing reading all about it, I love your sense of humour!!
    I have been to the Andes Mountains in Chile and Argentina, and Uruguay, would love to experience Peru. What will you do for year #12? Tyler you are a lucky guy!! The memories you made on this trip are immeasurable!!! Love, Aunt Theresa

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