Day 2- part 2 Olladayambo Archeological site-

The Ollandayambo site demonstrated how the Incas started terrace farming. Their land was scarce with little flat land, and their soil was very fertile, so they used a method to retain as much water as possible by layering sand, gravel and rocks enabling the terrace below to utilize the same water. Again we were puzzled how the Incas were able to arrange these large boulders so neatly on top of one another without any modern day equipment. Our guide told us how National Geographic hired a scientist do a study calculating how many men it would take to carry one large bolder. They set out to recreate the same scenario as the Incas but were unsuccessful. The Incas laughed and informed them that they needed to pray to mother earth and ask permission to move the rock. Skeptically, the scientist agreed, but they tried again. All were amazed how after a special prayer they were able to move the large boulder with the same number of men.

We arrived at the Sol Y Luna hotel. The grounds were covered in beautiful flowers with mountains as a backdrop. The children were able to squeeze in horseback riding before dinner.

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