The journey begins….

The  journey to Peru begins on a 5 hour flight from Miami to Lima, Peru arriving at midnight.  As luck will have it,  we lose their travel agenda on the airplane.  Thinking there will be no worries as the travel guide surly will greet us  displaying an Arscott  sign as we leave security. Their job is  helping us transfer to the hotel. Sadly we are mistaken as there was no one to there displaying an Arscott sign. How should we know it was an international conference  and the travel guide was stuck in traffic?   Both John and my  cell phones are now dead, and we start to  scramble to find wifi in the airport, and an electrical US outlet  to charge the phones.  If we could only pull up the agenda  to find out the name of the hotel or where it is located.  The phone number to the travel agent right now would be perfect.  Lack of sleep does not help with these stressful situations, but by some fate or grace of God,  we find  Starbucks (a safe harbor to collect our frazzled  mental state). At the airport, we realise is where the hotel is located. We finally  exhaled knowing that, in a few steps, we will find a comfortable bed.

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