Day 4- Zip lining

This is when I loose my self control … please get me some hard liquor  fast!!

John sensed my distress and the kids agreed only to do four of the six lines.  I take my role of mother bear seriously feeling overwhelmed by being in this situation.  Julie and Tyler were oblivious to any danger  and  pleaded with us that group before did not get hurt  So like usual,  the kids won and thankfully  everyone made it without any scars    ( except my emotional scars).

The taxi driver did not get to the camp site soon enough  as John pointed out one of his tires was bald without traction.  Okay now I am frazzled knowing that we are going to have to climb those traitorous roads again but now with a unsafe vehicle.   Yikes !! At one point,  I jumped out of the truck and announced that I was walking the rest of the way.  The guide assured me that we would make it safely or if we missed  the train we would another day of bugs, dirt and camping.

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