The Cathedral of Cusco  3/1  church  called the Holy Family, Cathedral and Triunfo.  A bit of history…when the Spanish invaded Peru in 1532 they arrived in Cusco  with big intentions.  They were focused on converting the Incas to Christianity and  through  their wealth, knowledge and sophistication  they believed  it was sure to influence them.  The Spanish  built the impressive Triunfo,  church.  The   gold laced woodwork,  amazing art, and  advanced architecture  designed to convince the Incas that they had a more superior religion and God was on their side.  Since some of this Incas were skeptical they built two larger Cathedrals in hopes of converting more Incas.  Interesting  that the artwork we viewed had a presence of the Inca religion as Virgin Mary was dressed in a  mountain looking dress representing the Inca religion was still present in their beliefs. We also found interesting the black Jesus that  supposedly turned color from the smoke of  animal fat lace candles that caused the discoloration.



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